FIGGI Beauty FAQs: Jeanne Answers All Your Questions

FIGGI Beauty is finally on the market, in the media, and being featured on socials. Our goddesses love the FIGGI experience, and we are immensely grateful for your support. The increased interest in FIGGI has also led to more questions about us and the brand. Questions I am so happy and excited to answer in this blog post. So without further ado, let’s get into it 

How did the name FIGGI come about?

Figs are my favorite fruit. I was enjoying one of these beauties under my willow tree when playing around with names for this venture. The play on Fig (FIGGI) just stuck, and I knew I had to dig deeper. When I looked into the symbolism of a fig, I found out it stood for feminine power and energy. It symbolized that we are genuinely all co-creators of our universe and should work as a community toward the common good. This was precisely what I was trying to do and achieve with FIGGI. Therefore, this was divine intervention, and the name stuck.


Is FIGGI Beauty cruelty-free?

Yes, all the FIGGI products are cruelty-free. In fact, each individual ingredient in every product is cruelty-free. The overall product, as a whole, is then also cruelty-free. This is not advertised on the FIGGI packaging because FIGGI is licensed to sell in the European Union. Therefore, FIGGI is bound to the EU Cosmetics Regulations. To these regulations, all cosmetics products must be proven to be cruelty-free before being registered to sell on the EU market. Recently, this legislation has been upgraded to provide that brands can no longer advertise to be cruelty-free since this amounts to deceptive marketing. It creates the idea among consumers that one brand is cruelty-free while another is not. This is deceptive in the EU case because a product cannot be legally sold in the EU without proving it is cruelty-free. Therefore, all products in the EU are cruelty-free.


Is FIGGI Beauty vegan?

Absolutely. All our products are vegan.


FIGGI Beauty is fragrance-free; why is it also free from essential oils?

FIGGI Beauty products are specifically designed for dry, sensitive skin. While the fragrance is not a “devil ingredient” that must be avoided at all costs, it is a known allergen for sensitive skin or for those with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. Often, products that are free from fragrance will include essential oils to help with the sensory smell elements. Unfortunately, if you have sensitive skin, you can react to certain essential oils. For example, I react badly to lavender, tea tree, and citrus-based essential oil. Even though there are many proven benefits of certain essential oils, it is necessary to know precisely what is in the products you use if you need to be especially careful and have sensitive skin. My mission with FIGGI Beauty was to create a line that is calming, soothing, effective, and as safe as possible for sensitive skin. So I avoided all possible upsets.


Why does the Nurture the Goddess Antioxidant Enriched Day Cream not include an SPF?

Products should shine for the primary purposes they are created for. Moisturizers should hydrate, moisturize, and boost other products. Sunscreen should protect, protect, protect. We are, unfortunately, all guilty of either not using enough sunscreen or not applying it correctly. We must use a minimum of 50 SPF; most day creams only offer 15 to 30. This is simply not enough to protect you; you must add additional sunscreen.
We also need all the extra help against free radicals like UVA/UVB we can get. Again, we do not apply sunscreen correctly and are constantly exposed to free radicals in our everyday environments. Nurture the Goddess has a fantastic array of potent antioxidants for sensitive skin. The antioxidants help boost your sunscreen’s efficacy, helping protect against stray free radicals that still penetrate through or sunscreen. It also shines in hydration and moisture and boosts evening-out skin tone.
Another critical point we considered is the filters used in sunscreens. Chemical filters are harsher on sensitive skin and can be extremely oily. This is often why the SPF rating in day creams is so low. Using a daily moisturizer that is exceptionally sticky and oily will only feel good to some consumers.
On the other hand, physical filters, like zinc oxide, would be the protection of choice for sensitive skin. Unfortunately, these tend to create a white film, and tints must be added to even that out. Combining this into a day cream that still serves the purpose of a day moisturizer, feels lovely on the skin, and applies well under makeup becomes a challenge. Some things would, out of necessity, need to be compromised on. This is why it is so important that cosmetic products focus on serving the primary purpose they should meet and do it excellently.


Are there artificial colorants in FIGGI Beauty products?

All FIGGI Beauty products contain Green Rooibos Extract sourced from South Africa. This is a beautiful herb with substantial scientific evidence of its exceptional properties in skin care. It is often called red bush tea because of its unique red hue. The slight apricot color in the FIGGI Beauty products is the Rooibos color shining through, nothing more.


Why is the FIGGI Beauty Packaging different?

I always hate squeezing the last of my products out from a tube. Cutting my fingers and creating a mess in the process. I am also not in favor of interacting with the product inside because our hands and environments have millions of microorganisms we can introduce into the product. I like to keep my product as fresh and safe as possible.
This is why all FIGGI Beauty products come in airless containers. There is no interaction with the product, so your product is preserved perfectly, and you are also safe. Secondly, it allows you to easily use every last drop of the product without squeezing, excessive shaking, or additional frustration.


Does FIGGI Beauty have a green policy?

We are a new and growing brand that is always focused on expanding so that we do our part to protect the environment. As we grow, this will always remain one of our main goals. All FIGGI Beauty containers, except the pumps, are food degradable and fully recyclable.


Have more questions? We would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below!

Love and Light


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