My Fall Skincare Routine Revealed: What I Adjust To Keep My Skin Glowing

Fall is finally here, which means it’s pumpkin season, and changes in our skin are unavoidable. It’s not always necessary to change your skincare as the seasons change. Still, if your skin is dry and sensitive like mine, you may see some minor changes in your skin that require adjustments in your routine.

These are the things that I swap around or switch the most during the Fall season. I hope you enjoy my tips :)

1. Damp Skin

It’s so important to put products on damp skin. Why? Our skin consists of a high percentage of water. This beautiful hydration helps our skin look plump and glow,  improving the appearance of our dehydration lines, fine lines, and wrinkles. When the skin is dehydrated, it looks dull and lackluster; fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced, and skin tone looks uneven. When we dry our skin before applying skincare, we rub off all that beautiful water being drawn into the skin. We hope to replace it by “pressing” it back in with our moisturizers or other products. This is counterintuitive.

It’s best to leave all of that beautiful hydration on our skin and seal it into the skin with our moisturizers. The main goal of all good moisturizers should be to prevent transepidermal water loss. This means it prevents water in the skin from evaporating into the atmosphere. Thereby counteracting dehydration. When we leave the skin damp, we can seal in the moisture already in the skin.

This translates to supple, glowing skin and was a game changer for me. It helps me a lot during the change of seasons when my skin is much more prone to irritation, burning, itching, redness, and flaking.


2. Change the Water Temperature

I hate this one the most! I love hot, steaming water. Especially in the colder months, I want to combine this luxury with bubbles and candles. I know it seems like a particular form of torture to reduce water temperature in colder months, but it saves the skin!

Hot water is highly irritating, especially when the skin is already sensitive and dry. It can strip the skin of natural oils, adding to dryness and sensitivity. When my skin is upset, it’s best not to add any practices that can further aggravate this.


3. The Baby Oil Bath

I love to use baby oil during the Fall and Winter months. In the Fall, I usually add it to my bath water once a week (twice if needed). It creates a beautiful film across the skin that helps keep that moisture in! As an added bonus, it is a wonderful sensory experience for massaging into tired muscles.


4. My “Active” & Aesthetic Diet

Regarding actives, I am braver than in warmer months. I have fair skin, so the sun is really not my friend. I have to be careful with hyperpigmentation. Therefore, I avoid more intense aesthetic treatments and cosmetics ingredients in the Summer.

Many actives can make you even more vulnerable to the sun; the same applies to many aesthetic treatments. It’s important to say that when I mention “more intense” treatments, it’s a half-step up from what I usually do. Skin sensitivity is worse for me in the cold months, so I am never in a space to go all out on harsh routines. This means my definition of “more” is a very, very, very low dose of only specific actives used in a particular and controlled manner.

So, what do I change? I try to increase my retinol use from 1-2 times weekly to 3-4 times weekly. I can’t tolerate retinol every night; my skin is too sensitive to it. I prefer to use products with a 0.01% to 0.1% of retinol at its highest. This is very hard to find, so my routine only intermittently includes retinol. I always use it one night on, one night off. I increase the use of retinol because my skin is less exposed to the sun and its harmful rays during the Fall and Winter months. Therefore, I feel more comfortable using ingredients that can make you even more vulnerable to sun exposure. I can be more careful and take better care, and I find myself in “sun situations” a lot less during these months. Thinking about those unplanned days at the pool, beach, or garden :-). I naturally find myself outside a lot more during the Summer and often during the hottest time of day. Combining that with ingredients that can worsen sun damage seems like a bad recipe.

Regarding aesthetic treatments, I love the Scarlett RF Microneedling Treatment for my sensitive skin. I’ve written about it in the blog before, and you can read more about what it does here. This is a beautiful time of year to do it because it can make you a bit more susceptible to the sun. Sunscreen is essential, and you should stay out of the sun for three days after this procedure. This is a lot more doable in the Winter months. Even if you can stay out of the sun in the Summer, the harshness of the UVA / UVB rays coming through the windows of your house, your office, walking to the office, and driving in your car has a more significant effect on your skin.


5. The Check-In

Fall is usually my annual check-up with my consulting dermatologist. I’m checked all over to ensure there is nothing of concern; I share my entire routine, skin concerns and changes, and the medications I take. My medical history is essential as my anxiety disorder affects my skin. Once I get the all-clear on the way forward, I’m set to continue or adjust my routine according to her advice. Ultimately, our skin is a highly complex organ, and many factors play a role in its health. This is why we have experts in the field trained to properly evaluate the skin and advise on our routines and any concerns we may have. This annual check-in is a great way to ensure I stay on track.

As usual, there isn’t a lot going on here. I prefer to keep my routine basic and minimalist. My sensitive skin does not do well when I throw the entire beauty aisle at it, and I’ve learned that less is most definitely more for my particular skin type. Keeping the balance of beautiful oils in my skin happy, focusing on hydration and moisture, and paying attention to preventative treatments are my most essential goals during this time of year.

What skincare changes do you make in the Fall? I’d love to know your thoughts on this and look forward to your tips and tricks .

Love and Light



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