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I hope this guide helps you navigate the diagnosis phase of anxiety, so you are not as broken and lost as I was.

Hello, I'm Jeanne

In 2015, I was the founder of a successful international human rights consultancy. My panic disorder derailed my life, plans, and what I thouht my future looked like. From the ashes of my Breaking - FIGGI was born.

Skin sensitivity is a common symptom of anxiety. As a result, my already sensitive skin went into overdrive. I wanted to feel like I was actively doing something to make the effect of my diagnosis better - even if only in a small way.

FIGGI Beauty is for sensitive souls, like me, with dry skin woes. I wanted this line to be truly effective, while also providing a luxury experience for sensitive goddesses. After completing my Advanced Certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry, I created products featuring my favorite ingredient: South African Rooibos.

Originally from South Africa, Jeanne now lives in Portugal with her family and two dogs. In her former life, she held a PhD in international criminal and humanitarian law, presented on key human rights issues worldwide, and consulted for 15 years in this field.