Rooibos: Nature's Gift to Sensitive Skin

Rooibos, a Cosmos-certified organic herb exclusive to South Africa's Cederberg mountains, is a unique antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Enjoyed as herbal tea, it's praised for its distinct taste and cancer prevention benefits, while South Africans have trusted its skincare benefits for decades.

Rooibos is the key ingredient in all our products!

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We all deserve to celebrate the Goddess within - Dr. Jeanne Retief

Fragrance & Nasty-Free...Really!

No hidden smells here. Fragrance is a common irritant to sensitive skin. Our products are not just scent-free but free from all fragrance & potentially problematic ingredients like essential oils, plant & fruit extracts, linalool, limonene, and phthalates .

Zero Waste & Safe Products

Say goodbye to tube cutting & bottle scraping. Our airless packaging ensures you access every last drop of product - while keeping your formula safe from micro-organisms and bacteria.

No Compromise On Luxury

Sensitive souls deserve to indulge and feel special too. We believe gentle, effective skincare can look and feel luxurious too. Because sensory indulgence should not be limited to certain skin types.


Hello, I'm Jeanne

After my Panic Disorder diagnosis in 2015, I found myself in the midst of a health and soul crisis. From the ashes of my "breaking" - FIGGI was born.

Severely sensitive skin is a major symptom of my anxiety disorder. After completing my Advanced Certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry, I created FIGGI Beauty for sensitive souls, like me, with dry skin woes. Made with my favorite South African ingredient, organic rooibos extract, FIGGI brings back the luxury experience to sensitive skincare.

FIGGI Beauty allowed me to take ownership of my diagnosis, by directly speaking to a key symptom, and celebrating the hidden gifts that come with my anxiety.


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